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How to Add and Display Name in AOL Mail

This will usually take less time with easy manner.

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AOL is formally recognized as America Online (AOL). It is a web portal and online service provider based in New York. AOL provides the services like web portal, email, instant messaging and dial-up services to millions of Americans. This is the most recognized brand on the web in the US. Among its wide range of services, AOL Mail is the one preferred by users extensively.

AOL Mail comes loaded with plenty of useful features and functionalities in its platform. From offering a user-friendly interface to reliable technical support, AOL Mail has everything you need for the best mailing experience. One of the best features of AOL Mail is the option to add and display your name in AOL Mail account.

Whenever you send an email using browser version of AOL Mail, the name that shows to your recipients is the one you set up at the time of signing up for the AOL Mail service. While a username that you set up at the time of signing-up can’t be changed, however, you can always modify your name and make it display to the recipient as per your preference. To know how to add and display name in your AOL Mail account, follow the step by step instructions given below.

Steps to Add and Display Name in AOL Mail Account

  • Sign into your AOL Mail account for which you wish to add and display name.
  • Once you are logged into your AOL Mail account, click on the “Options” located on the top-right and select “Mail Setting” option from the drop-down list that appears on your screen.
  • Next, you will need to select the Compose option from the left-hand side menu.
  • Then, scroll down to get to the Display Name option.
  • After that, simply enter the name that you wish to display to the recipient in the Display Name text Box.
  • Once you are done entering the desired name in the prompted text box, you will need to click on Save Setting option to save the changes made by you.
  • You can now send a test email to check if the new name set up by you appears to the recipient in the email or not.

So this is how you can easily add and display a new name to the recipient in your AOL Mail account.

Source: - How to Add Screen Name to AOL?

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